48VDC phantom power supply blocker
The Phantom Killer is a phantom-based 48 VDC suppressor suppressor, typically used in mixers to power condenser microphones 
or other devices that need that power supply. 
The voltage of 48 VDC passes through a normal XLR cable. 
Some devices, typically the multi-effects pedals for guitars, when connecting a MIXER live via a balanced cable 
with an XLR connector cause a given buzz given by such power that, in fact, could in the long run damage the unit. 
For this purpose the insertion of a PHANTOM KILLER on the cable or on the two L and R signal cables interrupts 
the PHANTOM power supply eliminating the problem without variations on the signal. 
The PHANTOM KILLER is realized with a double XLR 3 via male-female and can be inserted indifferently on 
the signal output of the apparatus or on the mixer side.

48VDC phantom power supply blocker

dimension: 74 mm x 18 mm

male- female XLR 3 way

max voltage 60 VDC 

weight 50g